Blue-Ray Anion Nano-Sparay Gun

Blue-Ray Anion Nano-Sparay Gun
products.sku: Nano-Sparay Gun
products.price.oldprice: 30.000 OMR
24.000 OMR

Product Description

  • Nano Spray Gun will spray nano sized molecules of the disinfectant onto all surfaces.
  • It is best use to disinfect surfaces such as packages, car interiors, table tops, doors and counters
  • Suitable for home, office and factory use.
  • Disinfection, purification of air, decomposition of odor
  • Application: Car, Home, Office & Personal
  • Adjustable speed
  • Spray Range: approximately 1-2 meters
  • Best use with BacGard 2011 Anti-Virus Disinfectant (Included)
  • Kill Backeria, Virus & Fungus